08 May 2018

Handmade Nepal

The gifts of nature: Here are four of the many reasons why we should disregard the notion that Nepal is a poor country. We have homegrown but globally sought after products – gifts of resources that nature gave and the Nepali man capitalized to earn some name and game in the global market. http://ecs.com.np/features/the-gifts-of-nature

08 May 2018

Pashmina in Nepal

Once considered a status symbol owned by a select few, Cashmere has risen in its popularity over the years and is now a must-have for stylish city-dwellers. The story of pashmina / cashmere is remarkable to say the least, beginning in one of the world’s most desolate areas and making its way into high fashion boutiques and the closets of the wealthy. For centuries in Nepal, it was considered an extravagance, to be flaunted only by the elite, treasured and […]

04 Mar 2018

Why Cashmere is Expensive ?

Cashmere Goats are found only in very high altitude areas. Cashmere is the fine undercoat grown by these animals to save them from very low winter temperature in these high altitude areas, goats shed Cashmere in spring, which is combed off them and collected. Average Goat yields 450-500 grams of Cashmere in its raw form. This is then processed to produce Cashmere yarn. Pure Cashmere is very soft and very warm wool. Mongolia and Tibetan Cashmere is considered the best […]